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We love pets just as much as you do and work tirelessly to make sure they live a happy and healthy life.

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Pets are often far more in need of health check-ups than their owners. This is down to a few factors, such as the quicker aging of animals (a year is a lot longer for a cat or dog’s body than a human’s) and also because they can’t fully communicate any issues or discomfort they might be feeling. There are a number of common ailments that can be easily treated if picked up early which makes regular pet health check-ups vital for your pet’s long-term good health and quality of life.

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Sarah Boland BVSc PGCertSAM

Clinical Director - Small animal

Meet the Team

Our vets and veterinary nursing team are highly qualified in small animal health care. What’s more is that they all share a common characteristic, they love pets. For our team the long education and training process has all been worth it as they get to work at what they love, helping pets to live their best, healthiest life.


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