Our Services

Routine Health Checks

Animals should be regularly inspected to check that they are in good health.

Herd Health

Keeping your animals in optimal condition can be complex, from vaccinating your herd to maintaining a stress-free environment through strong biosecurity measures.

Emergency Call Outs

From calvings or lambings to the injured animal. requiring assistance, Highfield are here to assist in any emergency your farm animal may have.

Bull Breeding Soundness Exam

Managing reproduction effectively to achieve optimum fertility is essential to the running of a profitable cattle enterprise. Make sure your bulls are reading for the breeding season ahead. 


We are here to help you care for your horse, including fertility work, sick calls, microchipping and passports, our experienced Highfield equine team are on hand to help.

Animal Health Ireland

In partnership with Animal Health Ireland, Highfield offer consultations to livestock producers and processors which aim to provide the knowledge, education and coordination required to establish effective control programmes for non-regulated diseases of livestock.

Product Fact Sheets

Highfield work with a range of suppliers for animal remedies. To access the factsheets for these remedies, please click below.

Other Large Animals

Highfield are not just leaders in veterinary care of traditional large animals, but we are also here to help small holdings who may have other animals such as alpacas, goats etc.