Bull Breeding Soundness Examination

Bull Breeding Soundness Examination

Don’t forget the Bull when thinking about the breeding season ahead and consider calling Highfield Vet’s to perform a full Bull Breeding examination. 

Our vet Peter Fagan can perform bull breeding soundness examinations giving you a comprehensive assessment of the semen quality and breeding ability of the bull in question.

Management plays a huge role in the health of your bull; adequate nutrition and body condition score is essential, as well as vaccination and lameness control. It is rare for bulls to be infertile however a sub-optimum level of fertility is very common and fertility testing is an essential tool to discover this before it results in a disastrous breeding season.

In addition testing of breeding bull stock allows the sale to be supported with a veterinary certificate regarding his status at the time of testing.

What does the examination involve?

The examination involves an on farm clinical examination of the bull and collection of semen sample by electro-ejaculation. The semen is then immediately assessed for quality microscopically before a final high magnification quality is carried out check back in our Lab in the Naas Farm animal clinic.

Highfield Vet’s recommend that testing should be carried out yearly at 30—60 days before the breeding season: this gives you time to replace a bull if he is unsatisfactory. For example a spring calving herd March/ April are ideal months to start thinking about fertility testing your breeding bull.

Call our Naas Farm Clinic (AMC house) today for more information and to book your Bull breeding soundness exam on 045- 874498.

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