Herd and Flock Health

Herd and Flock Health

A healthy herd/flock is an efficient herd. At Highfield, we specialise in preventative herd health, and our vets can advise you on how best to maximise your animals’ health and productivity.

Our vets will outline your individual herd performance, with a tailored plan to improve your overall herd health. This will include looking at various vaccination plans, and preventative measures around working, parasites, and other disease prevention.

Your flock’s health is also very important to us and we strive to advise on the best worming, vaccinating and breeding strategies for your flock.

One of the other key ways to maximise the efficiency of your herd/flock is by optimising reproductive performance. At Highfield, our vets are trained in ultrasound scanning. As well as pregnancy diagnosis, we specialise in pre-breeding scanning, identifying problem cows ahead of the breeding season and treating them accordingly.

Reasons why Herd Health is important

Flock and herd health is crucial to the success of a profitable farm.

Keeping your animals in tiptop condition can be complex, from vaccinating your herd to maintaining a stress-free environment through strong biosecurity measures. But seeing your herd thrive, whether through increased milk production or healthy young stock, is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences for farmers.

This process is a continual one involving regular contact with the dairy personnel and a methodical analysis of the farm data so that all aspects of the health and welfare of the cattle are reviewed frequently. It is this regular contact that is of critical importance to the success of any herd health service as it not only helps in the development of a close working relationship with the farm staff, but also allows for the constant monitoring and re-evaluation of the farms performance which is particularly important when judging the success or failures of management decisions. 

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